Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making Web 2.0 Work at Work

After a 5-day weekend battling the flu I now seek to utilize Web 2.0 technology with a practical issue at work: remodeling. I have been advised that our building's fire suppression systems need to be brought up-to-date, and they are embedded in a ceiling that includes asbestos. So we are gathering our entire collection and moving it to the lower level. We will be closing the library for 8 months and our staff will be scattered to nearby buildings. I have committed to combining notifications on our website, Facebook page, Twitter and (yet to be created) Flickr accounts. I have played with these tools off and on for awhile now, so it should be no problem. Yet I am nervous about taking the first steps and actually doing it. I am a perfectionist, and not happy when I make mistakes. So I will post to my personal blog one more time to make sure the system I've created works here. Then I can venture out and do the same thing for my job.