Friday, December 28, 2007

Expanding knowledge: Technorati and Accessibility

This post began as a way to claim my blog on Technorati. I was doing a regular Google search on myself, and had multiple references via Technorati, so I felt it was time to learn something about it. In addition, I am currently a Graduate Assistant on the Shaping Outcomes Continuing Education project here at IUPUI. Shaping Outcomes is a web-based tutorial that shows users how to plan projects using Outcomes-Based Planning and Evaluation (OBPE), a best practice in museum and library services. I took Shaping Outcomes as a part of my Evaluation of Library Sources and Services class during the summer of 2007.
I was brought on this fall as the second phase of the project began, and have enjoyed the work immensely. Now I am responsible for "technical and participant support," which includes maintaining both the project and course websites. I will use Technorati to watch for blog postings relating to my work. Currently the largest part of my work has been to improve the accessibility of the course's website. A friend at church is visually-impaired, and was kind enough to briefly look over the site and provide feedback. I am wading through the wealth of information on the WC3's Web Accessibility Initiative website, and have implemented a number of their "quick tips" that address my friend's feedback. (Thank you, Jana!) I am planning to take a course on "Resources and Services for People with Disabilities" this summer, and appreciate this head-start on the topic.
Happy New Year!

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